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While it remains a fact that, preparing the payroll of an organization or business and managing such, is no small task. By engaging adequate management and administration skills, it could be made stress free. Find below, six ways to manage your small business payroll:

  • Critically assess and ensure that your business is financially capable of supporting your payroll:

It is often said that “Before a man builds a house, he sits first and counts the cost”. So it is, in the management of your small business’ payroll.  Therefore, it is advised that you critically assess the financial situation of your small business and deduce how well the financial state of your small business can support the payroll from the assessment made. This tip is highly essential, because, a honest utilization of this management tip would save you the embarrassment of being unable to follow your payroll layout due to lack of funds, which, consequently leads to resignation of unsatisfied staff and ultimate liquidation of such small business.

  • Consider outsourcing your payroll


In order to be fully focused on other components that are essential to the growth of your small business, it is advised that, the payroll needs of your small business be handed over to payroll firms, who are experts in the preparation of payrolls. By outsourcing your payroll needs, you would be free from the hassle and stress associated with the error-prone process of preparing the payroll of your small business.

  • Keep abreast of new developments in payroll legislation

If you operate a in-house payroll processing system, it is advised that you stay updated with information on payroll legislation, as the laws binding the preparation and utilization of payrolls may change. It should be noted that, not being up to date with information on payroll legislation could lead to undesirable legal issues concerning the payroll of your small business. If you are not sure of what law(s) apply to your business, it is advised that you seek advice from adequate quarters. More details here:

  • Be armed with right information

It is quite important that you have the right information to adequately set up your employees’ payroll. Such information that you should have in the correct form include: Dates of birth, Address, National insurance numbers and so on. Having those, would ensure that your employees are placed on the right tax code, which leads to a payment of the appropriate amount of tax and National insurance for each of your employees. Other essential information such as: Apprenticeship levy, student loans and others should be adequately noted.

  • Add the payroll deadline to your calendar

To avoid errors in your payroll, it is advised that you set deadlines for the preparation of the payroll of your small business. Such deadlines should be marked on a calendar and displayed conspicuously, so that you would be constantly reminded of the importance of preparing the payroll on time for your small business.

  • Make use of a payroll software:

To keep things simple and straightforward, it is advised that payroll software be engaged in the preparation of the payroll of your small business. By using a payroll software, error in the preparation of the payroll of your small business can be ruled out, in as much as the right information has been supplied, the correct payroll for your small business would be easily prepared any time, any day.…

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Payroll Fraud Can Happen to Any Business If You’re Not Careful

People think payroll outsourcing can lead to payroll fraud and it’s not hard to see why. When you leave someone you don’t personally know in charge of payroll it can feel as though they are more likely to trick you out of money than someone you know. That isn’t quite the case because payroll fraud can occur at any given time. The problem today is that there are far more fraudsters out there than you think and that people are becoming brazen and trying bolder things. It’s something which most don’t realize and yet it’s something which should become a priority today. So, how can fraud occur and are there any ways to prevent this?

A Lack of Knowledge of Payroll Can Cause a Fraud to Occur

When you have very limited knowledge of payroll it can result in fraud. How? Well, you are less likely to spot a fraud. That is a real problem but it happens more often than you might think. It’s something which more have to take notice of because it’s easy to commit a fraud. That is why there are now more and more who are committing such acts. You might think your payroll is safe but if you know very little about it then it could be happening right under your nose. That’s really a major concern and you have to think very carefully about what you know about payroll. Hiring payroll services can be a good idea but you still have to ensure you have some knowledge about payroll.

People Think You Won’t Notice

There is also another problem – fraudsters think they can get away with their actions and think their boss won’t notice. It can be very slick because it’s not a major fraud or even one that’s noticeable. It can be very minimal with one added name to the payroll list in a list of thousands or a few additional overtime hours that are never checked over. It’s so simple and in truth nine times out of ten you wouldn’t notice such a fraud. That however, isn’t always as a result of payroll outsourcing. People who you know and have worked with for hours could do the same. You have to think about that too when it comes to preventing payroll fraud.

Regular Random Spot Checks

To be honest, spotting payroll fraud is not easy because it can happen at the best of times and can be so difficult to detect also. That’s a real problem because if it’s not noticeable or a small fraud spotting it is hard. However, if possible get a third party unbiased payroll professional to look over the payroll information every so often. You could also conduct some random spot checks. That would make things far easier to help detect even the smallest fraud or problem. You might not think about this but it can be important. Payroll services can do this for you or you could look at doing this yourself.

 Prevent Fraud

Catching the fraudsters in the act is not easy and it’s fast becoming a major problem for most businesses. Large and small businesses alike can be a victim of fraudsters so you have to do your best to try and stop this from happening. There are a few steps that can be taken to help prevent such matters. Payroll outsourcing can be a good idea but it has to work for you today.…

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The Many Disadvantages of Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

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If truth be told, outsourcing became a hit in the global mainstream business enterprise due to the surge of the IT and software industry in the past few years primarily in developing countries. Moreover, a lot of different types of companies nowadays use outsourcing services as a means to develop their business. While there are many advantages to this practice, there are disadvantages of payroll outsourcing as well.

Let’s start with the big problem first. By handing over your payroll information and control to an outsourced provider, you hand over critical information that can destroy your business.

Imagine, if you will, what would happen to your organization or business with a contractor doing your payroll this week. Answer these questions below and see how many you would confidently answer yes to.

  1. You know all the legal payment rates, allowances, and awards for all your employees.
  2. You understand your superannuation obligations.
  3. You easily understand how to calculate or check your pay as you go tax payments for each employee.
  4. You would detect if payments went to a fake or non-existent employee.

The management of payroll can be worse than doing it

Before you outsource your payroll, I want you to think about a few facts first. You will need to have all the payroll information ready to hand over to the contractor anyway.

Then you will need to explain any organizational documents, timesheets, and employment contracts before they get started. On top of this, you will need to spend extra time checking their work to ensure that it is being done correctly.

I would suggest that you give them a sample set of timesheets and get them to demonstrate that they are capable of managing the payroll before letting them loose in your systems.

This will also require that you update your insurances to cover any problems that might arise from using payroll services and stoppage of employees’ wages.

Remember that they will have all your employees’ personal records and taxation information that needs to be protected under the Privacy Act and they have not given permission for you to hand it over to a contracted payroll provider.

select payroll companyIt becomes easier to hire your own payroll employee and keep control over the work.

Your employees will still blame you

When payday comes and goes, your employees will not care about who does the payroll. When employees are not paid they will come to you for a solution. This means you will have to chase the payroll service provider and hope they can explain the situation and fix it quickly so that your business can get back to work. learn more detailed information at

It is not a rare event, but payroll contractors have been known to make payments to themselves or clean out your bank completely without you knowing for days.…

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Outsourcing Payroll – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The organizations that are interested in outsourcing are often curious in knowing about what could be an advantage and also the disadvantages with it. An organization will decide whether a payroll outsourcing is for good and or bad for all business ventures by learning a little bit more about it. visit her latest blog posted at

The ugly side of outsourcing:

Workers in western countries are losing their jobs to foreigners.

– The quality of the product may also get degraded.
– There are differences in the working of the organization and the outsourcing company.
– The staff is not recruited and trained fast enough by the outsourcing vendor.
– The outsourcing vendor may also become a competitor of the home company.
– There are certain communication, language, and cultural barriers that may obstruct the function of the organization.

– The operational costs can reduce to more than half if outsourcing is employed.
– Expert, professional, and high-quality service can be provided with the help of outsourcing.
– Organizations are more flexible while employing outsourcing.
– Organizations can devote more time on core activities as non-core ones are handled through outsourcing.
– Companies can save training and operating costs, manpower, effort, and time with the help of offshore. view latest news for more updates.

– Lack of customer focus may be experienced due to outsourcing.
– There may be certain hidden costs in outsourcing such as legal costs that may occur while signing of the contracts between the two parties. A lot of effort and time may be spent in signing the contract.
– As your focus will shift towards the business process that is outsourced the needs of valuable customers might not be catered to.
– Other disadvantages of outsourcing includes misunderstanding of the contract, renewing contracts, poor quality, lack of communication, and delayed services.

– Company’s confidential information is seen by the outsourcing provider when the processes like tax—preparation services and payroll processing services are being outsourced. Hence, there is threat to the confidentiality and security of the business.
– Potential redundancies are created in the organization due to outsourcing.
– When various business processes are outsourced then it becomes difficult to manage the offshore provider as compared to managing within your own company.
– In some cases, the offshore provider serves more than one company. In that case, there is not complete devotion to you and your company.

service provider– Payroll services may not be liked by some employees, which may cause them to express a lack of interest at work.
– Your organization has to look for another offshore business partner immediately if the one with whom you were doing business becomes bankrupt or goes out of business.

Payroll is an essential business practice—like sales or customer service. It can be difficult, detailed and complicated with its ever-changing rules and regulations and the consequences of several mistakes are more serious compared to the checks of employees simply just being wrong. Many mistakes can result in having a difficult time—no, not from the employees, but from people you already don’t want to know—the federal and state government enforcement types.

For more detail you can log on to…

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Great Plains Payroll Integration—Employees, Taxes and Timesheets—Overview for Consultants

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Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains was historically designed to serve mid-market first and then with addition and acquisition of new modules—Great Plains Dynamics architects planned to enter into corporate market. When Microsoft SQL Server took its place as relatively reliable and stable database platform, Great Plains gained scalability. Let’s consider the questions, you need to be placed and answered for your IT department in ERP selection, implementation, modification, and customization.

Microsoft Dynamics on GP ERP had the payroll modules for US as well as Canadian. And the said accounting application was frequently used through Payroll outsourcing firms in serving their clients as well as by large corporation to accrue and pay payroll checks, Social Security, Medicare, Federal and State Income taxes, plus W-2 printing and mailing to employees. In order to save on Dynamics GP user licenses, it is common to see simple or complex timecard custom made application on the front, often web-based, where employees are logging their time on the daily base after each shift and then this timesheet logging application should be automatically or manually integrated with Great Plains Dynamics GP. In this article, we will review various options to do the job:

  1. eConnect US Payroll integration programming. eConnect is C# and VB .Net programmer friendly SDK, allowing Great Plains Developer to automate US Payroll integration in real time, if desired. If you are on Great Plains Dynamics GP versions 9.0 or 10.0 – please know that Integration Manager can use eConnect connector as the technology base for the integration. eConnect breaks through former limitations on the transaction volume, as eConnect is based on encrypted SQL stored procedures.
  2. Third-party payroll integration products and add-ons. In this article, these are out of scope. Here, we only stress the fact that, IM or eConnect programming are so simple and cheap in their installation and implementation, that they might be better way to go. You can check for more information.
  3. Dynamics GP Integration Manager Payroll connector. This is sort of user-friendly tool, however, we recommend IT level involvement, as it requires you to understand such features as Text file parsing, ODBC queries, and Advanced ODBC (where you can base your query on custom SQL View with grouping, filtering and other SQL constructions). Great Plains Integration Manager allows you to add or update employee, set up employee taxes, and deductions. payroll servicesRegarding Payroll service transactions integration—here you can integrate Hourly Pay Codes to the core US or Canadian Payroll module logic to make them available for batch processing in Great Plains Dynamics GP. GP IM integration could be easily launched by Great Plains User or scheduled (in this case, you may need GP IM automatic integration routine, available for purchase from Microsoft Business Solution). visit their official website for additional tips.
  4. Great Plains Business Portal Employee Self Service. If your IT department is strong enough to the level of hosting your Microsoft Sharepoint and .Net website, please review Dynamics GP Business Portal HR Employee Self Service functionality, where you can save on Payroll Check stub mailing postage (as you are required to either mail stub or provide gateway for self-service—to read stub out of the web), plus BP HR has other cool features.
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